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My name is Lacey, I’m a YouTube Partner, Mixer Streamer & Gamer from the Pacific Northwest. I am also a big advocate for healthy living, a plant-based nutrition fanatic who meditates daily and a fitness enthusiast with a passion for yoga. This crosses over into my streaming as I workout, game and cook vegan recipes live in the hopes of inspiring others to live healthy too!

I play mostly on Xbox, but also dabble in some PC indie titles when they strike my fancy. My favorite games are FPS’s and RPG’s, and all time fav series include Dark Souls, Borderlands, Halo, COD, Fable, & Minecraft.

In addition to live streams, I make clear & focused video game tutorials and health vlogs on YouTube with over 13K subscribers and 2,500,000 million views. I study nutritional science and biochemistry and like to help my family and friends improve their health through the power of nutrition and good eats. I am Founder and stream Team Leader for PowerUp Health – a community inspiring gamers to live healthy lives. 

With over 10 years experience in professional graphic design, I also design full featured gaming guides for indie games and create gamer themed apparel on Design By Humans, where I am a Collective Artist & Ambassador.

First official streams: Mixer on March 22, 2017. Twitch on March 11, 2016. 

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Founder of Team PowerUp Health Discord Community Manager & Team Leader.

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Official member of the Discord Hypesquad – a free chat, video, and voice app for gamers. Apply Here.

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RedLace is a Design By Humans Collective Artist

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Founder of the Crimsonite Discord Community. Gamers who play together and watch RedLace live.

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