Play PC Games with your Xbox 360 Controller

RedLace plays nearly all her PC games with her Xbox 360 controller. With games that don't offer full controller support, she uses Xpadder software and custom maps all her keyboard controls to her Xbox 360 buttons.

*RedLace has no affiliation with Xpadder and does not get paid to promote their software in any way.

Playing with a controller is typically a matter of comfort, personal preference or familiarity of controls for players. RedLace began as a console player and prefers playing with a controller whenever possible simply because it is more comfortable for her hands, back and arms. Mapping buttons can be difficult, and to make things easier for her viewers & fellow gamers, she has made her Xpadder profiles publicly available for download here.

Get the Software

Xpadder is available for $9.99 USD

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Download Xpadder Profiles by RedLace

Download the ZIP file for the game of your choosing and extract the .xpadderprofile file. Open Xpadder and point to the file.


Xpadder Profile by RedLaceGaming


Xpadder Profile by RedLaceGaming

Portal Knights

Xpadder Profile by RedLaceGaming


Xpadder Profile by RedLaceGaming

Cities: Skylines

Xpadder Profile by RedLaceGaming


Xpadder Profile by RedLaceGaming