Vitabits are points (digital currency) you earn to rank up in chat for prestige and collect automatic rewards - just for watching the live streams!



Vitabits Required

Unlocked at 50 

New Rewards

Ability to play with RedLace during multiplayer games when the queue is active


Unlocked at 500


Unlocked at 1,000

Ability to add Quotes in chat to immortalize a moment


Unlocked at 3,000


Unlocked at 5,000

Half price song requests & request more songs at once


Unlocked at 10,000

Promoted to Crimson Elder on Discord


Unlocked at 15,000


Unlocked at 30,000


Unlocked at 50,000


Unlocked at 100,000

One month access pass to RedLace's Minecraft Realm


How do I earn Vitabits?

  • Watch live Mixer streams
    • Earn 2 Vitabits every 5 minutes I'm live, Subscribers earn double!
  • Follow RedLace
    • Earn 50 Vitabits when you follow RedLace on Mixer during a live stream
  • Host RedLace 
    • Earn 10 Vitabits when you host RedLace during a live stream
  • Join a Raid Event
    • Earn 20 Vitabits when you join a raid event at the end of the stream
  • Raid RedLace
    • Earn 100 Vitabits when you raid RedLace's stream with your viewers
  • Leave a Tip
    • Tips earn 100 Vitabits for each $1 (i.e. tip $5 and get 500 Vitabits).
  • Subscribe on GameWisp
    • Get 1,000 Vitabits when you subscribe on GameWisp.

How do I see how many Vitabits I have earned and my rank?

Use the following commands on Mixer during a live stream for information related to Vitabits.

  • !vitabits = Shows your current rank, hours watched & total Vitabits
  • !rewards = Link to this page

I earned the rank of Avocado, how do I get the new Discord role?

Make sure you are a member of RedLace's Discord community (join here). Your new role should appear within 48 hours of ranking up. If it still doesn't, your Discord name may be different than your Mixer name, in which case you will need to send RedLace a message on Discord. 

If I spend Vitabits on song requests can I lose my ranking?

Unfortunately, yes if you are not a Subscriber. Vitabit ranks are based on your current total Vitaabits, not your lifetime earnings. 

If you are a GameWisp Subscriber, song requests are free! And you will not lose your rank.

Can I get a refund on Manabits I spend?

No, you cannot get a refund on Manabits you redeem.