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Now Cheer with Bits! A Way to Support your Favorite Twitch Affiliates & Partners

I am officially a Twitch Affiliate! Yay! Thank you to everyone who watches and follows, I couldn't have done it without you. As an Affiliate, viewers now have the ability to cheer for me with Bits directly from chat.

What are Bits & Cheering?

Cheering is a way to show support for your favorite Twitch streamers (any Twitch Affiliate or Partner) and celebrate the moments you love with the community, all right in chat. A Cheer is a chat message that uses Bits, which are evolving animated Emoticons that you can buy or earn. Bit Emoticons can be used one by one, all at once, or anywhere in between. Using many at once shows more support and creates cooler Emoticons! You can also use your Bits on ANY Affiliate or Partner channel across Twitch.


How do I Cheer with Bits?

Bit Emoticons can be used anywhere in a chat message by typing ”cheer” followed by a number, ex. cheer33 or cheer255. Or you can use the 'Bit' Icon, sitting next to the emote icon in chat and select the amount you want to cheer. You can also use the Bit icon to buy more Bits.


What are Cheer Chat Badges?

Cheering shows your support, and as you Cheer in a channel, you earn Cheer Chat Badges for that channel so that your support is recognized. Your Cheer Chat Badge lasts indefinitely but will only appear in the channel where you earned it. Cheer Chat Badges represent the total number of Bits you have used to Cheer in that channel.


How do I get Bits to Cheer?

First, click on the Bits icon that appears in the chat message window, just to the left of the Emoticon button, on any Affiliate or Partner channel. Next, click 'Buy', from here you can select how many Bits you want to purchase. Transactions are completed through Amazon. 

You can also get Bits for FREE! Follow the same steps as above, once you click 'Buy', there will be a button for 'Watch an Ad'. By watching Ads, you randomly earn between 5 and 100 Bits. You can only watch so many ads per day to earn Bits, so check back regularly for more free Bits. This feature is only currently available to US residents.

What are the Benefits of Cheering?

Cheering is way to react to moments and show support. You can Cheer using any number of Bits you like, whenever you want. Cheer to creatively celebrate, encourage, or show support along with the community. Start Cheering right when things get interesting, or Cheer when a moment is dying down to keep the train going. Plus, you can earn those fantastical Cheer Chat Badges!

Does the Streamer get a Profit from Bits?

Yes, your support by cheering with Bits is paid to the streamer. Each Bit is equivalent to 1 penny ($0.01 cent USD). You can watch me live & cheer on Hope to see you at my next stream!

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