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Need an instant background or green screen that is hassle-free, easy-to-use, and doesn't require any additional hardware or permanent set-up? Check out my sponsor Webaround to get your own green screen! You can even have a custom logo printed on it, available in multiple sizes and colors. Use code 'PWRUP' to save 10% at checkout!

RedLace is sponsored by RAM Shard

Blooming Lotus Jewelry

Get your very own hand-made Mala or Mantra Bar from Blooming Lotus Jewelry for a beautiful piece to wear and that can aid in your meditation practice and give you gentle reminders to be mindful. Styles for women and men! Use code 'PWRUP' to save 15% at checkout!

RedLace is sponsored by RAM Shard


Get your very own reliable & affordable Minecraft server hosted on solid state drives with fast support! I use RAMShard for my Minecraft server hosting needs and highly recommend them!

RedLace is sponsored by RAM Shard

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Where comfort meets performance, TechniSport makes top of the line gaming chairs and desks, plus you can snag their apparel too - t-shirts, hats, lanyards, etc. www.TechniSportUSA.com Use code ‘PWRUP’ for 10% OFF at checkout!

RedLace is partnered with TechniSport


GamerSupps is the leader in nootropic, sugar-free, energy drinks made with quality ingredients. Raise your game and give it a try www.GamerSupps.gg Use code 'PWRUP' for 10% OFF at checkout!

RedLace is partnered with GamerSupps


Bukkit Minecraft servers allow gamers to install plugins server-side that alter your game play & can simplify server management. Use GetBukkit.org to get a CraftBukkit or Spigot server. RedLace manages a Minecraft multiplayer server for her subscribers running CraftBukkit & various Bukkit plugins.

RedLace is sponsored by RAM Shard



Want to offer your viewers monthly benefits and a new way to support your Twitch, Beam or YouTube channels? Use GameWispSave 25% when signing up for a new account, say you were referred by RedLaceGaming.

RedLace is an affiliate of GameWisp

Discord Hypesquad

The Discord Hypesquad is reserved for people who are ultra excited about Discord, use it, breathe it, live it - and want to spread the word about all the fantasticalness that Discord can bring to your life and your community. RedLace is an official member of the Discord Hypesquad. Apply here to Join the Hypesquad! You can also join RedLace and the Crimson Community on her Discord, Join Meow!

Wear Lively

Lively makes the most comfortable bra you will ever wear! I wear them daily, including for my live stream workouts - they are that comfortable! They also look good too! Women's bras, panties, body suits, swimwear, and maternity.

Shop now! Use code 'AMB-RedLaceGaming2' to save $10 at checkout! 


Earn rewards simply for doing your favorite exercise! Walk, run, bike, the elliptical at the gym - you name it. Download the app and Join up with me on Earthmiles for a healthier you! Use code 'LACE2400' when signing up for a new account.

RedLace is an affiliate of Earthmiles!

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RedLace is actively seeking new sponsors, partners and affiliates to work with. Feel free to contact her via email. 

Business inquiries only please. Email: lacey@redlace.us