Sponsored by Blooming Lotus Jewelry

SPONSOR-BloomingLotus-MalasAndMantraBars-RLG-2017.11.09I am officially sponsored by Blooming Lotus Jewelry who makes hand-made jewelry to support your soul! Get your very own Mala or Mantra Bar in styles for men, women, or unisex.

For those of you who don’t know, I meditate every single day using my Mala necklace from Blooming Lotus Jewelry and you may have seen me wearing it during many of my live streams. When I am not practicing, it keeps me mindful and reminds me of the positive things I want to inject into my daily life, such as patience and remaining stress-free. It is also simply beautiful to look at so I enjoy wearing it either around my neck or wrapped as a bracelet.

You can get your own Mala, Mantra Bar or other jewelry from Blooming Lotus Jewelry for 15% off! Simply use my code ‘PWRUP’ at checkout, to save.



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