PwrUpRealm Gallery

A peak inside PwrUp Realm

The players of PwrUp Realm, the PowerUp Builders, embark on fantastical journeys together and create amazing builds - all in vanilla Survival mode! This page is dedicated to their hard work and features screenshots sent in from them highlighting what PwrUp Realm has to offer.

You too can share in their journeys, as this page will be updated regularly with new shots. If you are a PowerUp Health Patron or Crimson Co-Op Subscriber and want to share your screenshots, post them to Discord #your-screenshots channel to be considered. Be sure to use F1 to remove your HUD prior to taking the screenshot or hide HUD and hand in settings on Xbox One. 

Images displayed Newest to Oldest, hover over images to see who they were submitted by.

Red Cottage on a Hill by RedLace
Community Spawn house by RedLace
Catacombs by Terias
Castle by Terias
Pumpkin Patch by RedLace
Mushroom garden shed by RedLace