What is PowerUp Health?

PowerUp Health is a sponsored Stream Team & Discord Gaming Community focused on inspiring gamers to improve their health through nutrition, fitness, & mindfulness.

Our Discord is a positive, encouraging place to share your health journey, favorite recipes, snaps of what you are eating, go to fitness routines, or simply find inspiration to lead a healthier life. You will also find articles and information on how to become healthier through nutritional science, exercise, and mindfulness practices such as meditation.

Getting healthy can be hard and there is no reason to go at it alone - Join the Cluster on Discord

Our Mission

Inspire and educate fellow gamers to make positive changes in their life, specifically relating to their health, both physically and mentally. Good health allows you to focus on your game, have increased stamina for those late night gaming sessions, and live a happier, more productive life when you log off.

Join Team PowerUp Health

Team PowerUp Health is accepting new stream team members. If you'd like to apply, simply join our Discord and follow the instructions listed on the #apply-for-team channel. Please read the basic requirements below before applying - we also look for stream team members who are an advocate for good health and/or are aspiring to get healthier themselves. You can watch our Mixer team live now and we will be expanding and have an official Twitch team page when we reach our 4th goal on Patreon.


  • Must have a Mixer or Twitch account, no minimum followers required
  • Must have a Discord account (it's free to use!) & be in our channel
  • Must have a Twitter account
  • Does not smoke or vape on camera

Become a Patron

The incredible interest and support from the community makes PowerUp Health what it is. By becoming a Patron, your support helps us grow the community and continue to spread the word of the importance of health through nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness – we believe this community has the power to change lives for the better through education. For as little as $1, you could Become a Patron!

Patron Benefits

If supporting a good cause isn't enough, here is the full list of benefits (tiers range from $1 - $50, you set your monthly pledge):

  • PowerUp Health T-shirt: The epic loot!
  • Monthly Harvest: Nutritious & delicious cooking recipes
  • Exclusive Discord Roles
  • Access to the PowerUp Minecraft Realm
  • Berry Great Supporter: Name Listed on Mixer Stream Team Page
  • Early Access to Posts relating to Health & Gaming

Where it all Started

RedLace started PowerUp Health to inspire her fellow gamers and community members to make positive changes in their life, specifically relating to their health.  More and more gamers suffer from sedentary lifestyles, poor eating habits primarily consisting of processed convenience foods, and mental illnesses including depression and anxiety. Noticing the rise of those sufferers and those who want to feel better but don't know how, she decided to be a voice for inspiration.

She hopes to help gamers be healthier through nutrition, meditation, and fitness by sharing her own health journey online. She advocates healthy habits on her live Mixer streams, YouTube videos, and on Twitter. You can even hit a button on her interactive live streams that reminds her and everyone in chat to drink water. In addition, she occasionally does giveaways for her viewers for healthy services and products. RedLace lives a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and regular fitness routines. She also studies nutritional science and meditation - which she practices daily. 

You can watch her bi-weekly YouTube series to see her personal PowerUp Health journey. 

Lacey "RedLace"


RedLace occasionally does giveaways for her viewers during her live Mixer streams. Past giveaways included One Month Subscriptions to Headspace