How to Use Plugins & Permissions

The Minecraft 'Crimsoncraft' server is running Spigot and Bukkit plugins. All players have access to these plugins features while playing without the need to install anything on their machine.

For information on how to use each of these plugins features and their commands, read below. Commands listed below the plugin can be entered from the chat in-game by pressing 'T'. RedLace is an Official Partner of

Group Permissions: Each player is placed into a Group when joining the server which provide different tiers of plugin permissions:

  • 'New' = You are new to the server and have basic command access, allow 24 hours to become a 'Builder'.
  • 'Builder' = You are a member and have access to all the following commands.


Plugins & Commands

Basic Plugins:

  • EssentialsX - Some commands have an in-game cost associated with them
    • /motd = Message of the day
    • /rules = Server rules
    • /list = Shows players currently online (also use TAB)
    • /mail read = Check your mailbox
    • /mail send username message = Send a message to a user who is offline
    • /sethome = Set your home location to where you are standing
    • /sethome homename = Set multiple home locations (you can have up to 3 homes)
    • /delhome = Remove your home location
    • /home = Warp to your home or if multiple homes, shows homes list. Costs $50 per use
    • /home homename = Warp to selected home location. Costs $50 per use 
    • /warp = Lists community warp names
    • /warp warpname = Warp to selected warp location. Costs $100 per use 
    • /depth = Shows your depth related to sea level in chat
    • /compass = Show your direction bearing in chat
    • /getpos = Show your coordinates in chat 
    • /itemdb = Look up data of item in hand such as number of uses remaining for tools
    • /recipe itemname= Look up the crafting recipe in chat for an item 
    • /spawner = While looking at a Mob Spawner, see the spawner info
  • EssentialsX (Economy) = Provides players a way to make money on the server, buy and sell at stalls located in the world, rank up in the leaderboard, barter goods with other players at trade shops, use warps and more! Visit the Stalls at Spawn to see what is currently available in the shops, more shops coming soon!
    • /balance = Shows your current balance
    • /balance username = Shows the balance of another player
    • /balancetop = Shows leaderboard of players on the server and their current worth
    • /pay username amount = Pay another user who is online from your balance
  • EssentialsXChat
  • GroupManagerX

Game Enhancement Plugins:

  • ItemBox = Allows players to send and receive items, similar to a mailbox.
    • /itembox open = Open your item box
    • /itembox send username = Send the item you are holding in your hand to another player
    • /itembox claimall = Claim all items in your item box
  • SavageDeathChest = Drops a chest with players inventory on death. Player MUST have a chest in their inventory (recommended: two chests for double-size chest drop on death). If you do not have a chest in your inventory, or items that do not fit in the chest, will drop on the ground. Players have 60 minutes to retrieve their chest after death and only the player can access their death chest. A sign is placed on the chest with player name and time stamp.
  • TimeVote = Allows players to start a vote to shift the time to day or night, or clear the weather. Majority of online players must agree for the time to shift or weather to clear. 
    • /timevote day = Start a vote to change to Day 
    • /timevote night = Start a vote to change to Night 
    • /timevote clear = Start a vote to Clear the weather 
    • /timevote vote = Cast a YES vote during an open voting session 
  • SilkSpawners = Allows players to mine mob spawners, place mob spawners and change mob spawners using eggs by left-clicking the spawner with the egg. Mining spawners with a Diamond Pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch will give the player the mob spawner and they can place the mob spawner wherever they would like. When mining spawners, there is a 80% chance for Iron Ingots to drop and a 25% chance for the Mob Egg to drop. Destroyed spawners (not mined), drop 30 xp. Creeper explosions and TNT will destroy Mob Spawners and yield no drops. 


More coming soon! Have a suggestion for a plugin? Post it to #game-servers on Discord!

Helpful Tools

Need to find a Minecraft Item Name? Use this handy lookup Minecraft ID List.