Partnered with GetBukkit

RedLace is an official partner of GetBukkit.orgEvery Friday I stream Minecraft. Every Friday I play Minecraft with my subscribers, the Crimson Co-Op. Every Friday is an adventure and it all happens on my CraftBukkit Minecraft server, ‘Red Velvet’. CraftBukkit has allowed me to install Bukkit Plugins on my server that add some fun new gameplay and pleasure experiences.

The best part about Bukkit Plugins is that they are installed server side so your friends who want to play on your server, don’t have to jump through hoops to install the same stuff. They simply start up Minecraft as usual, pick ‘Red Velvet’ and play. It’s that easy! This is why I have chosen to partner with – the premiere destination to download CraftBukkit and Spigot Minecraft servers. If you are looking to up your game on your Minecraft server, check out GetBukkit before you install Mods.

If you want access to my CraftBukkit Minecraft ‘Red Velvet’ server, consider Subscribing to me on GameWisp. Not only do you get access to all my sub servers, including Red Velvet, you get access to all sorts of other fantastical benefits!

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