If you want to be a Moderator for RedLace, and meet the requirements, please complete the application below to the best of your ability. RedLace will personally read over your application.

If she feels you could be a good fit on her Mod Team, she will conduct an interview on Discord and consult with her Elder Mods regarding your application. RedLace reserves the right to decline any application, for any reason.


  • Your Username in Green with a fancy Mod Badge on Mixer
  • Special Discord Role for Mods
  • Access to special text channels on Discord: #mod-chat #game-servers #gs-support-forum
  • Access to special voice channels on Discord: #mods #crimsoncraft 
  • Access to her Minecraft server, Crimsoncraft 

*Benefits are subject to change and may vary based on your Mod ranking (Mod, Senior Mod, Elder Mod)


Apply to be a Moderator