Member of the Discord Hypesquad

ftr-discordhypesquadMy love of Discord and all it’s fantasticalness is so off the charts, I am now an official member of the Discord Hypesquad!

Join my Discord servers!

What is the Hypesquad you ask? Great question! Members of the Hypesquad are representatives of Discord who spread the word about Discord to members of their community and receive occasional Discord goodies and swag, which they can then giveaway to their community to build more hype! Hypesquad members also get access to the super secret invite-only Discord community server, get a fancy Hypesquad badge in their Discord profile next to their name, and if a Hypesquad member runs an event, Discord will send them a box of goodies for their event. More or less, Hypesquad is a group of representatives who are ultra-hyped and hopped up on Discord cocoa puffs spreading the word! If you want to join the Discord Hypesquad, you can too! Apply here. 

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