Who is the Crimson Co-Op?

Crimson Co-OpThe Crimson Co-Op are GameWisp subscribers who support RedLace, improving her gaming channels (Mixer, Twitch & YouTube) and making the Crimson Community on Discord a better place! Want to show your support? Subscribe to RedLace on GameWisp and be a part of something fantastical! 

Get to know the members of the Crimson Co-Op & RedLace.

Lacey "RedLace"

RedLace of RedLaceGaming

Founder of the Crimson Co-Op

Location: Seattle, Washington USA

Favorite Video Game: Borderlands series & Minecraft

Hobbies: Nutrition, Meditation & Video Editing

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Andrew "The_Original_Cytek"

Subscriber Since: December 11, 2016

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

Favorite Video Games: Mass Effect Series

Hobbies: Scuba Diving

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Chris "LeatherEarth"

Subscriber Since: December 3, 2017

Location: Porter, Texas USA

Favorite Video Games: Stardew Valley

Hobbies: Playing Music

Jordan "ChronicGamerGuy"

Crimson Co-Op Subscriber ChronicGamerGuySubscriber Since: October 11, 2016

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri USA

Favorite Video Games: Kingdom Hearts or Minecraft.

Hobbies: Cooking

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Daniel "ScrffyScoundrel"


Subscriber Since: June 18, 2017

Location: Seattle, Washington USA

Favorite Video Games: Borderlands, Elder Scrolls, Halo

Hobbies: Cooking, Web Development & Design

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Gold Members


Terias1 | Subscriber Since: April 28, 2017


PhoenixDragon | Subscriber Since: May 16, 2017


Dangro | Subscriber Since: August 7, 2017

sub-avatar-female-ltAresin513 | Subscriber Since: April 29, 2017


DevilsNestKimblee | Subscriber Since: June 1, 2017


OmerDuck | Subscriber Since: October 6, 2017

Crimson Co-Op Members are listed first by tier (Diamond *tier 2), Iridium (tier 3), & Legendary (tier 4) have expanded profiles and Gold (tier 1) have basic listings per their subscriber benefits). Subscribers are listed in order of date they subscribed, longest duration being listed first.

Gold members or members who did not supply photos of themselves to RedLace are using generic avatars designed by Freepik.