Cash in your Manabits for fantastical rewards! Available Manabit rewards are listed below. You can redeem your Manabits by using the command listed below the reward (i.e. !5000), simply type in the command to RedLaceGaming's Mixer channel chat. Rewards are subject to change and/or availability.

1,000 Manabit Reward, Pick a Name
15,000 Manabit Reward, Postcard
5,000 Manabit Reward, Discord Role
50,000 Manabit Reward, Sticker Pack
7,500 Manabit Reward, Magic 8 Ball
100,000 Manabit Reward, T-Shirt

What are Manabits?

Manabits are points (digital currency) you can use to rank up in the leaderboards, enter giveaways, or cash in to get fantastical rewards.

How do I earn Manabits?

  • Watch live Mixer streams
    • Earn 2 Manabits every 10 minutes I'm live, or earn 3 Manabits if you are active in chat
    • Subscribers earn 6 Manabits (3x multiplier) every 10 minutes I'm live.
    • Legendary Subscribers earn 10 Manabits (5x multiplier) every 10 minutes I'm live.
  • Follow RedLace on Mixer
  • Support the Stream, Leave a Tip
    • Tips earn 100 Manabits for each $1 (i.e. tip $5 and get 500 Manabits).
  • Enter Giveaways & Contests
    • Win Manabits during live streams giveaways (may cost Manabits to enter).
    • Enter Discord contests (some are Subscriber-only).
  • Become Legendary
    • Get 10,000 Manabits when you subscribe to Legendary tier on GameWisp.

Manabit Bot Commands

Use the following commands on Mixer for information related to Manabits.

  • !rank = Shows your current rank, hours watched & total Manabits
  • !next = Manabits needed to achieve next rank, & shows next ranks title
  • !topm = Manabit leaderboard Top 10
  • !toph = Hours watched leaderboard, Top 10
  • !rewards = Link to this page


If I spend Manabits, can I lose my ranking in the Manabit leaderboard?

Unfortunately, yes. Manabit leaderboards are based on your current total Manabits, not your lifetime earnings. 

Can I redeem Manabit rewards when the stream is offline?

No. You can redeem Manabit rewards anytime, however, your reward may not be processed as quickly if the stream is offline. Rewards redeemed while the stream is live, may be processed immediately or within 24 hours (allow up to 72 hours if offline to process).

Can I redeem rewards if I am under 18 years of age?

Yes. Viewers may redeem Manabit rewards if under 18. Some rewards require parents permission as you will need to provide RedLace with your mailing address. Rewards that require parents permission include; 15,000 Postcard, 50,000 Stickers, 100,000 T-shirt.

Can I get a refund on Manabits I spend?

No, you cannot get a refund on Manabits you redeem.

Does my previous Manabit balance transfer over from Twitch?

Yes, I can transfer your previous Manabit balance from Twitch where I was using the now unavailable, RevloBot. To request a transfer, you must be in my lobby during a live stream for me to make the transfer. To initiate, type the following command with your Twitch username;

  • !retro twitchusername


Earn Manabits to climb the leaderboards and earn new fantastical ranks to show off in chat.

  • Dabbler = 0
  • Apprentice = 50
  • Mage = 250
  • Wizard = 500
  • Adept Wizard = 1,000
  • Warlock = 3,000
  • Sorcerer = 5,000
  • High Sorcerer = 10,000 (Legendary Subs earn instantly)
  • Enchanter = 15,000
  • Runecaster = 20,000
  • Spellbinder = 50,000
  • Archmage = 100,000

RedLace on Mixer

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