Manabit Exchange, Rewards with Revlo

Manabit Exchange Rewards with Revlo for RedLaceGamingIntroducing Revlo

RedLace Gaming is now powered by Revlo. Simplifying the way you earn Manabits, offering more Rewards in the Manabit Exchange & more fun for my viewers! Revlo has replaced Vivbot.


What’s New with Revlo

Revlo allows you to earn 1 Manabit for every 3 minutes you watch a live Twitch stream and allows my YouTube subscribers and Twitter followers to earn Manabits each week. Visit to see all its fantasticalness!

  • More Ways to Earn Manabits!
  • 7 NEW Rewards!
  • Leaderboard is now based on Lifetime Manabit Earnings, Spend Away!
  • Introducing Community Goals, Let’s Make something fantastical happen!
  • Introducing Contests, place your bets and win!
  • Increase your odds at winning giveaways, buy as many tickets as you’d like!
  • Redemptions now display live on Stream in a fancy new overlay with sound
Tell Me More

Read more about how to earn Manabits, the Leaderboards, the Rewards and all the other details on Steam. Or check everything out on meow!

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